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Tuesday, February 25 2020

     Cargo Drop is back in pre-production!

     What Is Cargo Drop?

     Well, let us start at the beginning. In 2013, New Breed Games was approached by an anonymous journal who inevitably led us to a working relationship with teh local public figure: Mickey Munday. I met with him at a diner, where he ate what appeared to be an odd cheese mix, while I settled in with a coffee. I noticed he was looking over my shoulder, and I asked if everything was okay (after all, I did not know this man too well, but I knew his history...). He said it was because the place he was glaring at had a reflective surface, in which he explained was something he got accustomed to doing during his twelve-year tenure as one of the largest drug smuggling operations in modern history. His reply? "Old habits..."


     Game Development

     My job was to design a video game based around his old 1980s tour-of-duty, where he smuggled over 10 million tons of cocaine into the Miami area. Many know him from the award-winning documentary, produced by Billy Corbin: "Cocaine Cowboys." However, I knew him as someone who soon became a great friend. Though we lost touch, and he went his own way, the idea remained: we were to replicate - in as entertaining a manner as possible - his ventures via boat and plane, smuggling metric tons of drugs into the Florida Everglades. The game went into development, but due to poor planning and a backing out of our primary funding sources (they were a bit uneasy representing a felon, despite his big heart), it was never completed.

     I spent four years trying to get it going again, but with no budget and no team, I fell victim to a series of very, very incompetent programmers. Thus, I abandoned ship (pun intended), and developed FlickBack instead. Now, roughly seven years after my first game idea, sketched out on a napkin at a diner and soon watered down into the most pointless venture of my career as a Lead Designer, I am back with a much, much more solidified idea for how this should be done. I have a small note in my iPad, of which spans no more than four paragraphs, but it is enough for me to say that this one will rival third-person shooters.

     (And third-person strategy games, and possibly the first game in exitence to do what we are about to do...)


     First Steps

     Of course, we have far from a solidified game. My job right now, as Lead Project Designer, is to first flesh out the concept in a document. This is commonly known as a Game Design Document, for those who do not know. It outlines the entire structure of any game you have ever played, and chances are they did what I am going to have to do over and over again: it starts off as one thing, but changes into another. A game about shooting terrorists eventually becomes a racing game; an RPG becomes a first-person we are not making the mistake of writing the GDD first.


     Rather, I will be drawing up a small report. That report will contain just enough information to give us an idea of what I have envisioned in my head. It will also allow for me to present the two or three variations of the game, i.e. the easiest to create but the least fun, the one somewhere in the middle, and the one that takes tons and tons more of time and effort (and money) to create but maximizes success due to its addictive tenacities and fun gameplay. So, with that said, I have some planning to do, and I will be calling upon the gaming community for input on which version to utilize. Focus groups will be assembled Summer 2020, and from there we can flesh out a core concept. Then comes the business end of things, and as I hate crowdfunding, a business plan will be developed.


     Are You Ready?

       I hope so, because I sure as hell am not!

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